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Assessment Info

YFPS recognises guidance for Assessment Without Levels set out by ‘The Commission’ 2015. There are three main forms of assessment at YFPS:


  • Day-to-day in-school formative assessment
  • In-school summative assessment
  • Nationally standardised summative assessment


Principles of Day-to-day in-school Formative Assessment:


  • To enable individual pupils to make progress in their learning
  • To relate to shared learning objectives
  • Are underpinned by confidence that every child can improve
  • To help all pupils to demonstrate what they know, understand and are able to do
  • To include reliable judgements about how learners are performing, related, where appropriate, to national standards
  • To involve both teacher and pupils reviewing and reflecting upon assessment information
  • To provide feedback which leads to pupils recognising the ‘next steps’ in their learning and how to work towards achieving these
  • To enable teachers to plan more effectively
  • To provide us with information to evaluate our work, and set appropriate targets at Whole‐ School, class and individual pupil levels
  • To enable parents to be involved in their child’s progress


Principles of in-school Summative Assessment


  • To enable the school to track the pupils’ progress across the year
  • To enable the parents to track their child’s progress across the year
  • To give detailed information on previous understanding, attitude and knowledge
  • To enable smooth transition into the next year group so work can be matched quickly to the needs of the pupils
  • To enable parents to understand what their child has achieved and contribute to their progress
  • To enable the school to demonstrate progress, attainment and wider outcomes



Principles of Nationally standardised summative assessment:


  • To enable the government to monitor schools’ pupils’ attainment and progress
  • To enable parents to compare schools in an area
  • To enable the school to demonstrate progress, attainment and wider outcomes
  • To enable schools with similar contexts to compare outcomes