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Yealmpstone Farm Primary School

'The doorway to learning for the whole community.'


Yealmpstone Farm is a thriving, aspirant community which embraces individuality and empowers young people to believe they can achieve their dreams. 


Our school values diversity and challenges everyone to be the best they can be. We are constantly striving to improve teaching and learning and our staff have very high ambitions for all.


We are proud of our school grounds, which provide excellent learning opportunities and are maintained by a group of volunteers who support our school made up of parents, grandparents and friends.


We are ambitious to ensure that progress of children, from their relative starting points is very good and our curriculum is highly engaging and challenging, with a focus on the creative arts. 


Please contact us and come in to have a look around if you are interested in learning more about our ethos.


 Mrs Heidi Price

Head teacher