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Yealmpstone Farm Primary School

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Personal Social Health Economic education and Citizenship


Personal Social Health Economic education (PSHE) and Citizenship is taught on its own and through other subjects. There are four key themes: Personal (self-esteem, personal safety, spiritual and moral health), Health, (nutrition, drug education, sex and relationships, exercise and personal hygiene), Social (family, friends, peer pressure, equality) and Citizenship (communities, careers, financial awareness, democracy, human rights, global independence and sustainability).

PSHE is continually promoted at YFPS through class time, assemblies, school council, Bully Busters, Peer Mediators, eco-leaders.  


Sex Education

Sex education is taught at YFPS. In Year 6 video programmes support the programme of study and parents are given the opportunity to view the videos before they are used with the children. We accept that some parents may have strong objections to their children receiving sex education on religious or family grounds, and parents have the right to withdraw their children from all, or part of, the sex education lessons.

Procedure for withdrawing children from sex education lessons:

  1. Parents to notify the Head in writing that they wish their child to be withdrawn from sex education.

  2. The head will invite parents into school to discuss worries and to decide which parts of the sex education programme the child will be withdrawn from, and to agree what the child will do while the others are having sex education.

  3. The head will write to parents confirming discussion and agreement, with a reply slip.

  4. Parents return reply slip to school.

Governors' Statement on sex education:

  • The governors at YFPS have decided that sex education should be included in the school's curriculum.

  • The governors endorse the school's policy and scheme of work for sex education which includes details on the content and organisation of the sex education programme.

  • Sex education at YFPS must be presented in a way that encourages pupils to consider their responsibilities to themselves and to others.

  • Parents have the right to withdraw their children from all, or part of, the sex education lessons - apart from the biological aspects of human growth which are part of National Curriculum (Science).