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New Build

Dear Parents and community,


I am finally able to officially tell you that the school is in the process of discussions around a £2.8 million expansion plan. If all goes according to plan, building work is due to start in August (subject to planning permission) with a view to completion by next August 2018. This is necessary as there is a great deal of building work going on in the Plympton area and we are the only school with capacity to expand.


I would like to invite you to a meeting which the council will run on Wednesday 7th June from 3.30pm-6pm. We will have the plans available for you to see and you may ask any questions you wish. I intend to put the plans on our website with details of the meeting by the end of this week.


The new build will be two storey and be built on the KS2 quiet area (where the canopy is). It will adjoin the existing school and be a block of eight classrooms with toilets and break out rooms. The corridor will continue seamlessly and we will have a music studio outside the current hall back door. The hall itself will be expanded thus making corridors narrower around the hall space and internal cupboards will be removed. There will also be development of existing classrooms that will need to be adapted. The location of the new build has been chosen to minimise  the impact on the local residents.


The KS2 playground will be dug out (ie. bamboo removed and playground extended into this corner) to cater for more children. This soil will be moved around to the KS1 area and that playground will be extended over the area where current play equipment is.


The builders (once tender process has taken place) will locate their site in the area where the Scout huts are and a corridor will be made across the back of the KS2 playground in order for work to be as least disruptive as possible. Once phase one is complete, we will move the whole school into the new block and phase two will start on the existing school improvements.


The governors will ensure, through careful management, that we maintain our unique family values and approachability and all new staff will be interviewed with this in mind. We are very proud of our school ethos and our staff are committed to developing this project in a positive way for our community.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions about this exciting chapter of our school life. Please drop me an email if you want to discuss anything and cannot make the meeting  to


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Heidi Price


Head teacher