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Careers Programme

Careers Programme

Throughout our curriculum experience we seek to offer pupils rich opportunities so that they can be aware of possible careers that they might wish to pursue. We do this in a number of ways to achieve the following outcomes:


  1. Excite and motivate children about their learning by linking and embedding in the curriculum strong connections between education and the world of work
  2. Broaden children’s horizons and raise aspiration
  3. Help children see a clear link and purpose between their learning experiences and their future
  4. Challenge stereotypes that children and their parents often have about jobs and the people who do them
  5. Support the raising of standards of achievement and attainment for all children
  6. Help children learn more about their own talents and abilities and instill greater confidence
  7. Reinforce the importance of numeracy and literacy in later life
  8. Tailor career-related learning to the different ages and needs of all children

     We do this by:

  1. Inviting volunteers from the world of work to visit and chat with children
  2. Delivering career-related learning programmes that help children connect their subject learning to the opportunities now and in the future
  3. Organising career-related learning trips e.g. to a workplace, museum or university
  4. Making good use of online learning materials in the classroom such as games, videos, role play, and individual/ group activities
  5. Exploring the diverse routes adults have taken to get their current job e.g. vocational (Inc. apprenticeships), academic, starting their own business etc.