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STEAM Project


We are working with our European partners to develop our children's understanding of STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art and maths. Our partners are in Turkey, Czech Republic, Serbia, Poland and Spain. Rapid changes in today's world make it necessary to prepare our students for the technologies and professions of the future. In this direction,new approaches and competent teachers are needed that will provide our students with 21st-century skills and prepare them for future professions.

According to Moore and his friends(2014); Interdisciplinary use of fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics and
integration of knowledge is necessary for the productivity of individuals to emerge in the globalizing world. As a matter of fact, STEAM has
emerged in order to meet these needs and to provide a holistic approach to the problems (Bybee,2011).
When the success charts of our project partner institutions were examined, it was determined that the desired level of success in Mathematics,
Science and Reading skills could not be achieved and the basis of this was the lack of learning environments that would reveal the students
existing skills.(PISA 2018).

The purpose of our project; It is to increase the capacity of each institution by providing our teachers in our partner institutions with an opportunity
to gain professional competencies with STEAM practices and to observe the training of our partners in Europe regarding STEAM, and to transfer
their competencies to their students and institutions. In this context, our project will enable us to educate students who are thinking about
technology and design, have 21st century STEAM skills and are ready for the professions of the future.Thus, as institutions that comply with the
European 2020 criteria, we will guide the formation of our education policies and become institutions that provide training in the European

The goals and concrete results we want to achieve with our project are:
-Providing the diversity of the learning environment with an interdisciplinary approach,ensuring its permanence and continuity in learning,
-To make in-class planning and increase teacher competence within the scope of individual differences regarding students' interests and abilities.
-To develop students' creativity, critical thinking,acting in harmony with others and developing their competence to improve their problem-solving
- To support the correct and effective use of technology by providing digital literacy skills to our students and teachers.
-To increase students' academic success by raising their motivation to learn with effective innovative STEAM education at our partner schools.
-Creating a positive school environment with teachers and students with 21st-century basic skills,

In line with our goals;
*As a guide: Primary school STEAM applications book (Digital e-book),
*Accessible STEAM projects YouTube Channel,
*Multilingual Project Website,

We will ensure the sustainable use of these project products, which are educational materials that we will create, by sharing them with the
education authorities in our partner countries.




               Spain                        Czech Republic                     Poland






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Welcome to Serbia: our first mobility