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Autumn Term: week 3 20/09/21

School Priorities for Academic Year 21-22

This month we are busy writing our school improvement plan for this academic year. Our school have identified the following areas to focus on:

  • Continue to improve children’s fluency skills across all maths lessons by embedding White Rose and introducing Number Sense across the school.
  • Continue to develop the children’s skills and strategies for decoding in reading through the introduction of Read, Write Inc as a whole school reading resource.  Embed the reading comprehension skills through VIPERS.
  • Ensure all children who have been affected negatively by the national lockdown have access to additional support through the Recovery Premium and the National Tutoring funding.
  • Embed the new curriculum and ensure continuity and progression across all subjects with small steps in learning.

We are delighted that children have settled into the new school year so well. Please make sure that you arrive on time every morning as the first lesson from Y1 - Y6 everyday is Number Sense maths. During this lesson the children have the chance to revise concepts that they have previously covered through maths games and activities. It is a short session to kick start the day! This is in addition to their main daily maths lesson.


At 10am every morning children who are working on developing their early reading skills have a phonics lesson. Your child should have a reading book which they bring home and exchange every Thursday. Please record and praise their progress in their reading diary. Here is the link to find out more about Read, Write, Inc:

Children who are fluent readers are encouraged to take part in our Accelerated Reader programme (AR) and have access to many books both in class, at home and through our library in school. Click here to find out more about AR. They can do online quizzes to collect points which entitle them to be awarded a star badge. 

Each time you achieve a new target you will get a certificate.  You can also purchase a star badge from the office for £1.

-1,000 words = yellow badge
-10,000 words = orange badge
-50,000 words = purple badge
-100,000 words = green badge
-250,000 words = blue badge
-500,000 words = red badge
-1,000,000 words = black badge

 All schools have been given funding to help support those pupils who have been negatively affected by the lockdown. On Friday we assessed every child throughout the school to identify who we need to ensure has additional support. This support maybe in class through short intervention sessions in small groups or 1-2-1, or it maybe that your child is working in a smaller class during part of the day to ensure they have the chance to catch-up with their learning needs. Your child's class teacher will be able to let you know if your child is in one of the groups for additional support. If you are worried about your child's progress then please discuss this with your child's class teacher. We will have parent meetings for the whole school during the week beginning Monday 18th October.

Some children across the school also have an individual education plan (IEP) where we have identified small targets for your child to achieve. If your child has one of these, you will be sent home the document to sign and this will be discussed at the first parents' meeting. A few children have educational health and care plans (EHCP) and they are in regular meetings with the SENco and other professionals.


We also have many children who have made great progress during the last academic year and we are delighted that most pupils are already working at age related expectations or above. Please keep up with the home learning as it is vital that we continue to work in partnership to help your child to thrive.

Autumn Term: week 1 06/09/21

Welcome Back to the New School Year!

A warm welcome back to the new school year to all of you. The children have already started to settle down and become familiar with the new routines and classes that they are in and they look really smart in their new school uniforms. Please can you make sure that you have everything named as it is easy to misplace items. 

Collection and drop off times seem a little strange at first as we adjust to everyone arriving and leaving at the same time. We hope that this will become more familiar as we get into the routine. Thank you for being mindful of other people and using the space we have. It is really helpful for learning time for children to arrive in school promptly. 

Topics for the Term

This week children have been having a settling in time and enjoying learning about the new class dinosaur names! This idea has come from the School Council and it also links in with introducing Latin, our new subject in KS2. Did you know that dinosaurs are named after Latin root words; for example, as Harry in Y6 explained in assembly, a velociraptor is named after the Latin 'velox' (swift) and raptor (robber). 

Here are the names of the classes again:

Foundation & KS1:
- Pterodactyl Class
- Triceratops Class
- Stegosaurus Class
- Spinosaurus Class

Year 3 – Tyrannosaurus Rex Class
Year 4 – Pteranodon Class
Year 5 – Velociraptor Class
Year 6 – Diplodocus Class

Read, Write, Inc: Teaching Early Reading Skills

We are now following the new phonics programme throughout Foundation, KS1 and for a few children in KS2 who still need to develop their reading fluency and confidence. The children are in ten groups that meet every day for a half an hour lesson at 10am. They will be assessed every few weeks and groups may be adapted so we make sure we are challenging everyone at the right level.  We will run some parent training sessions during the week beginning September 20th over zoom so that you can become familiarised with the new systems. This is an excellent scheme and we are very excited about the resources we have purchased. There will also be some video clips shared with you on a weekly basis so that you can see what the children are learning. 


A love of books and stories is vital to helping your child to learn to read. Our school library will be opening again this term to everyone so that children can take a book home to enjoy. 


For children in KS2 who are now on Accelerated Reader, we are continuing with our star reader badges and quizzing children. Remember that quizzes can be done at home through the website as well as in school. Children are eligible for a badge when they have read enough words. 

Soft Federation with Plymbridge and Ham Drive Nursery

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with Plymbridge and Ham Drive Nursery this year to work together to develop a Centre of Excellence for Early Years in Plymouth. We will share more news with you about this partnership as we develop throughout the year. Part of this work will be to develop the work of the speech and language team that work across the city to support early years children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). 

First week back at school.