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Yealmpstone Farm Primary School

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A security entry system is placed at the entrance to ensure access by authorised persons only. We require notification of who is authorised to collect your child from nursery. Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the premises unless with a previously identified, authorised person.



Introductory Sessions

You are encouraged to stay with your child until he or she settles after which time we would suggest that you leave for short periods until both you and your child are relaxed and comfortable in the nursery setting. No charge is made for the introductory sessions.



Promoting Positive Behaviour

Positive behaviour is promoted at Bright Stars through praise and encouragement from the nursery staff. Children receive little attention for negative behaviour, therefore they quickly realise that the positive behaviour will be rewarded.

Our staff will keep you fully informed if your child requires support in this area at any time. If a pattern of behaviour causing more concern develops, we will discuss this with you and agree steps to move forward in the best interests of your child and the nursery.


Price List


Nursery Session:

 Three and Four Year Olds Two Year Olds  



9-12 pm

 £21 £24  

12-3 pm

 £21 £24  

9-3 pm

 £39 £46  

8-6 pm