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Yealmpstone Farm Primary School

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Intent - What are we trying to achieve?


A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Computing has deep links with mathematics, science and design and technology, and provides insights into both natural and artificial systems. The core of computing is computer science, in which pupils are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming. Building on this knowledge and understanding, pupils are equipped to use information technology to create programs, systems and a range of content. Computing also ensures that pupils become digitally literate – able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology – at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world.

Computing National Curriculum programmes of study

Implementation - How will we achieve this?


Here at YFPS we have developed a progression of learning document that ensure we teach computing in great detail in each year group. We understand the importance of building upon prior skills and our progression of skills allows each teacher to develop each child's skills year on year. 


We use our progression of learning to allow us to teach computing through cross-curricular topics, allowing the children to develop a deep and rich knowledge of their topic. 

Impact - What difference will this make?


Our computing curriculum will enable children to:

  • become confident users of digital devices
  • develop skills that they can apply to future jobs
  • be responsible internet users
  • be aware of online safety issues and how to keep themselves safe online