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Yealmpstone Farm Primary School

'The doorway to learning for the whole community.'


Intent - What are we trying to achieve?

At Yealmpstone Farm, children gain a firm understanding of what music is through listening and appraising, singing, performing as a solo or ensemble and composing across a wide variety of historical periods, styles, traditions, and musical genres. We are committed to developing a curiosity for the subject, as well as an understanding and acceptance of the validity and importance of all types of music, and an unbiased respect for the role that music may wish to be expressed in any person’s life. We also aim to teach all children either a brass or stringed instrument or both, and provide the opportunity to take this further if they want. All children should have the opportunity to become musicians.


Implementation - How will we achieve this?
At Yealmpstone Farm Primary, we use the Charanga Musical School Scheme which provides teachers with week-by-week lesson support for each year group in the school. It is ideal for specialist and non-specialist teachers and provides lesson plans, assessment, clear progression, and engaging and exciting resources to support every lesson. The Scheme supports all the requirements of the national curriculum.


Each Unit of Work comprises the of strands of musical learning which correspond with the national curriculum for music:
1. Listening and Appraising
2. Musical Activities
    a. Warm-up Games
    b. Optional Flexible Games
    c. Singing
    d. Playing instruments
    e. Improvisation
    f. Composition
3. Performing


Please see the sequence of work below for a more detailed breakdown.


NB: In year 4, we have the opportunity for the year group to learn cornets with the Plymouth Music Hub. Due to COVID, we first started to learn the Ukulele inline with advice from the PMH about using brass instruments inside. We have now moved onto cornets in the summer term and use them outside.


Impact - What difference will this make?


At YFPS, children: 

  • grow in confidence, developing the skills to be able to perform as a soloist and also within an ensemble
  • are able to sing confidently, including harmonies, and with increasing control of expression
  • are able to appraise and appreciate music from a wide range of sources
  • have an appreciation and awareness of different types of musical notation
  • can recognise and understand a range of musical concepts and vocabulary, for example: tempo, pitch, dynamics, pulse, texture and timbre
  • have a love of music and are able to express themselves musically


At Yealmpstone Farm we are passionate about our singing and regularly perform in school and around the city.  We have weekly music assemblies (COVID permitting) and apply our singing skills at a range of events.  We attend the annual Musicality singing performance at Plymouth Pavillions and were proud to participate in the international Erasmus singing project.

Musical Tuition

At Yealmpstone Farm we offer a range of musical tuition including, piano, guitar, drums, woodwind, strings, vocal and melodian! These lessons tie in with our Charanga curriculum which culminated in a huge performance at the end of the year! A big thank-you to everyone who was involved last year!