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Global Work

Yealmpstone Farm Primary School has been committed to the teaching of a global curriculum for more than 15 years; embedding international values alongside British values in our school syllabus to promote cultural cohesion and mutual understanding. Past International activities have included: three Comenius partnerships, two Erasmus Plus projects with European countries, pupil exchanges with Spain, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, The Netherland Portugal and France, teacher and headteacher visits to Japan and China, regular faith speakers and the teaching and learning of Modern Foreign Languages. Last year, our pupils were offered the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and language as an afterschool club. In addition to this, our school has been granted the International School Award, the Fairtrade status and the Eco School.

Yealmpstone Farm value cultural links with other schools across the world. 
Our past projects include: 

  • Erasmus+ Brest project: This was a three-year project with a group of schools in Brest and two aquariums which was focusing on the impact of living in a city close to the sea.
  • Erasmus+ Belgium project: This was a two-year project which was focusing on sharing culture and language through song

Currently, we have two projects we are working on:

  • Erasmus+ European Cultural Heritage to develop literacy skills: This is a two-year project with a group of schools from Italy, Romania, Poland and Turkey which is focusing on the impact of stories on developing literacy skills (oracy).
  • Mayflower 400: This project involves the schools designing banners and sharing them with partner schools in Boston, USA. It will culminate in many activities which will take place in 2020.



Links to our Japanese Project  

Meeting our partners in Japan

Erasmus 17-19 Project

This is a singing project which we are working on with a school in Belgium, a school in Turkey and a school in Spain. Each school are learning thirteen songs in French and holding a concert in their own country, then in April 2019 we will have a concert together with all the children singing the songs. In this project we seek to encourage children to share values, culture and friendship, thus building trust and understanding with our European neighbours.

Erasmus Project 2019-2022

We are currently involved in a Erasmus project with schools in Turkey, Poland, Romania and Italy. The project is focusing on fairy tales from all the countries and story telling. The children are developing their oracy skills through this medium and learning about each others cultures and traditions.


We have invited all the teachers to our school in Plymouth to plan the project. We have also been to Istanbul to meet the teachers. Our project is operating remotely at the moment due to COVID19, but it will resume as soon as possible. We have funding to take a group of children to Poland once it is safe to travel.